John Moore (1652-1657)

Rev. Moore was an English immigrant who settled in New England when he was about twenty. In 1644, he moved to Southampton, Long Island. In 1646, he completed his studies at Harvard College, near Boston. In that same year, he obtained a license to preach. Since he was not a regularly ordained minister, Moore was not authorized to administer the sacraments. He moved to Hempstead, preaching the gospel there, as he had done at Southampton.

In 1652, he moved to the newly formed Newtown and became the first minister in the village. In the winter of 1655-56, he returned to England, probably to receive ordination. Moore returned to America in 1657, and died in September of that year.

Moore, described as an educated man and excellent preacher, had descendants who were prominent and influential in the town and church, including two bishops of the Episcopal Church, two presidents of Columbia College, and Clement Clark Moore, the author of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas. The Moore family developed the Chelsea neighborhood in Manhattan. The Moores's ancient home in Newtown was tom down a few decades ago. A park off Broadway marks its location.

Rev. Moore lies in the Town Burying Ground, now in a playground near the Queens Place shopping mall on Queens Blvd. No stone marks his grave; its exact location is unknown.