Nathan Woodhull (1790-1810)

Nathan WoodhullNathan Woodhull was born in Setauket, Long Island on April 28, 1756, the son of Captain Nathan and Joanna (Miffs) Woodhull. After graduating from Yale College, Woodhull was ordained and installed as pastor of the church in Huntington, Long Island in December 1785. His mother was the sister of the Rev. William Mills of Jamaica. He married Hannah Jagger, and they had seven children. His daughter, Ellen, married John Goldsmith, who was pastor of FPCN from 1819 to 1854.

Woodhull received an invitation to preach at Newtown for one year. The congregation liked him so much that within a few months, he was installed as FPCN's regular minister on December 1, 1790. A year later, the new White Church was completed and dedicated on a day of public thanksgiving and religious exercises.

Many townspeople admired Woodhull for his gentlemanly manners, lively conversation, and talent for "popular pulpit address." His nervous temperament hindered his ability to preach in his later years. He died on March 13, 1810.