José G. González-Colón (2021- )

José González-Colón

José González-Colón is a Brooklyn native, teacher, and pastor who has led congregations in New York City and San Juan, Puerto Rico. After graduating from Hunter College, José became a public school teacher while serving as a ruling elder and church musician in congregations in New York City. After the 9/11 tragedy led him to consider a vocational change, he subsequently applied to admission at Princeton Theological Seminary. José was ordained to the Ministry of Word and Sacrament in 2007. Before coming to FPCN, he pastored in Brooklyn and Puerto Rico.

Early in his ministry, José led efforts to counter health issues affecting people of color as a result of inadequate access to just food ways. He later found that the food system negatively impacted food producers just as much as consumers. Throughout his pastorate in Puerto Rico, José led relief efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane María, collaborating further with farmers and rural communities whose economies depended on urban centers. José led church initiatives to play an active role in local food systems and environmental concerns as community anchors to leverage resources that feed vulnerable communities.

In February 2021, José became interim pastor at FPCN. He returns to New York to continue his vocational focus and strengthen congregational presence in the local community in more holistic ministries geared towards health, wellbeing, and spiritual direction.