Joseph F. Quick (1961-1964)

Joseph Franklin Quick was born about 1915 in Cincinnati, Ohio. He was ordained September 13, 1940. He was executive secretary for the Elkhart County, Indiana Council of Churches, and secretary of the Northern Indiana Association of Congregational Christian Churches before coming to New York. Quick married Kathleen Brock. He had two sons, David Allan and Jonathan Richard. He was a Mason.

In August 1957, the Brooklyn Division of the Protestant Council of the City of New York appointed Quick to be first official director for evangelism for Brooklyn. His task was to lead a follow-up visitation program for the thousands of residents of the borough who had signed pledges in Billy Graham's crusade. Later that year, Mr. Quick's assignment was enlarged to include the entire New York metropolitan area.

Quick was called to FPCN on March 19, 1961. At 49, Quick was diagnosed with brain cancer. He died in 1964. He is buried in Ross, Ohio.